Radiation Effects Data

This web page contains radiation test results and data analysis on selected commercially available parts. Parts are selected based on potential interest to CubeSAT developers. The data represents results of a survey effort and are based on small quantity testing. The results may change dramatically based on modifications to the design or process used to manufacture the part. The manufacturers did not participate in any way in the radiation testing, and radiation response is not specified by any of the manufacturers. Consequently, no express or implied warranty is made that the information in this website is a valid indicator of the part’s performance in a mission radiation environment. Users should treat this data as an initial survey of multiple part types that may require retesting to qualify a specific population of a part type for use in a space mission. The main document is a spreadsheet that lists the part type, manufacturer, and other pertinent application information. The spreadsheet is listed below and contains many hyperlinked documents related to testing results. If you should have any questions or parts you would like to see tested, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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