Community Portal

This is a location that can (and will) be used by the team for temporary storage of files and other materials. If there is a desire to post something here, please contact Craig Kief ( at COSMIAC.


The Tiva Development and Workshop file contains what is required for development on the Tiva board, as well as Tiva workshop lab materials. Tutorial 1 provides setup and installation instructions. The file is approximately 1GB.

Here is a hands-on embedded systems course that uses the Texas Instruments TM4C123 microcontroller kit.
– Supplementary information for this course can be found on the University of Texas ECE website.

Here is a list of embedded systems courses taught by Dr. Jonathan W. Valvano of the University of Texas.

Here is the schematic for the Orbit Booster Pack.

Here is a link for an advanced TI series of tutorials and workshops.

Here is the temperature sensor for both the Stellaris and the Tiva boards.


Here is the url for the manual for the NEXYS2 board

Here is the url for the free book

Here is the url for a series of really great tutorials developed by Michigan Tech as part of their NSF ATE project. Their work is done with Altera and VHDL but, VHDL is VHDL. Look under Project Materials.

Here is a zip file for a Pong game from the Chu textbook. The UCF has been updated for the Nexys-2 board from Digilent.

For 160 podcast tutorials on Digital Logic click the following link, click on “Playlists” and navigate to the bottom of playlists for chapter 1 to start.

For free digital logic text book click the following link.

These were developed by the Late Dr. Scott Wills
This is an open source textbook.
This is an open source digital design environment, CompuCanvas,that can be used to design and simulate digital circuits.

Here is a series of 160 podcasts covering everything from number systems and basic 7400-series logic ICs up through using VHDL to implement logic in FPGAs. They also contain several simulations using NI MultiSim and FPGA development software. They have been used to enhance the reading assignments in hybrid on-line Courses of Digital Electronics I and II. Feel free to use them as a supplement in your class or in your on-line course. You can view them at:

Here are a series of informative FPGA Presentations created by Columbia Gorge Community College.

Here is the powerpoint for the introductory two-day
. If you would like these in Powerpoint format, contact Craig Kief (

Here is the powerpoint for the advanced two-day FPGA workshop. If you would like these in Powerpoint format, contact Craig Kief (craig.kief(at)


Here is a set of tutorials about TI ARM peripherals programming and interfacing. The associated book can be bought on Amazon.

Here is the Powerpoint file for the two day Additive Manufacturing/3D Workshop.