Directed Energy

SINUS-6 Electron Beam Accelerators in the PPBML
COSMIAC’s Chief Scientist Professor Edl Schamiloglu directs the Pulsed Power, Beams, and Microwaves Laboratory (PPBML) in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of New Mexico. The PPBML was founded in 1990 by Professor Edl Schamiloglu. Research activities have focused on Directed Energy Microwaves, supporting electron accelerators, and applications of electron accelerators, particularly high-current electron accelerators.

The laboratory supports four high-current electron accelerators used in various applications, primarily for the generation of coherent electromagnetic radiation. The laboratory is located in a 5,000 sq. ft. facility on Lower Level 2 of the Electrical and Computer Engineering building on UNM main campus.

In addition to the experimental infrastructure, the facility has numerous computational tools (particle-in-cell codes, HFSS, CST Suite of codes, etc.) and access to the University of New Mexico Center for Advanced Research Computing supercomputing facility.

The image below shows preliminary experiments seeking to unify the random coupling model with the BLT equations. This is in support of studying the effects of extreme electromagnetic environments on electronics.

Two Networked Computers to Study the Unification of the Random Coupling Model with the BLT Equations.