Sponsorship and Donations

COSMIAC is shaping future engineers and scientists through education, innovation and leadership, while building tomorrow’s ideas today. This is a team effort, and that is why we are reaching out to our generous alumni, parents, friends and corporate partners to support the technological advancement of COSMIAC, our faculty, and our students.

Donations to COSMIAC
Thank you for supporting COSMIAC. Your contribution will be used to employ students to keep our facilities and equipment up to date. COSMIAC employs Engineering students from UNM through assistantship contracts, which includes assistance in tuition. These assistantships provide students with hands-on experience to reiterate what they are learning in the classroom and assist them in achieving their full potential. Your contribution will also go towards updating our clean room and labs. COSMIAC employs top research faculty to facilitate advances in research and to promote aerospace innovation through the reliable and responsible use of configurable technology in military and aerospace systems. Click on the link above to make your donation today.

Sponsorship at COSMIAC allows sponsors to access the center’s specialized talent, skills, capabilities, and innovations, as well as those made available through COSMIAC by its national laboratory and major electronics industry partners. Sponsorship powers the center’s collaborations, which in turn target key educational, staffing, and technological needs of the high reliability reconfigurable microsystems community. Center sponsors benefit through the ongoing cultivation of specialized talent through hands-on research, development, and demonstration of new design methodologies, tools, and systems. Sponsorship provides system developers at the center’s commercial, military, and civil aerospace member organizations with the ability to reduce the lead time, cost, and risk of developing new reconfigurable microsystems. Payment is made to the University of New Mexico. Individual or corporate sponsorship includes invitations to special events and COSMIAC workshops.

For more information, please contact Craig Kief at 1-844-COSMIAC.