Publications 2017

While most of the publications listed here are from COSMIAC, some have been hosted here at the request of our Air Force Sponsors

Mechanical, Electromagnetic, and X-ray Shielding Characterization of a 3D Printable Tungsten-Polycarbonate Polymer Matrix Composite for Space Based Applications M. Liang, H. Xin, E. Macdonald, D. A Roberson, Journal of Electronic  Materials, 2015       Tungsten X-ray Shielding 3D Printing (1)

Preliminary Results from the AFRL-NASA W/-Band Terrestrial Link Experiment in Albuquerque, NM                                                                                                                  Micheal Zemba, James Nessel, Jacquelynne Houts, Nicholas Tarasenko, Steven Lane, David Murrell,n/j, 2017  Preliminary Results from WTLE – IEEE AP 2016 – Zemba


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