Publications 2017

While most of the publications listed here are from COSMIAC, some have been hosted here at the request of our Air Force Sponsors

Total Data Testing of Advanced Mixed Signal ADC/DAC Microcircuits                                   Alexander, D. Vera, A. Aarestad, J. Urbaitis G.V. IEEE, 2017.                Total Dose Testing of Advanced Mixed Signal ADC_DAC Microcircuits_FINAL

Using Big Data Technologies for Satellite Data Analysis                                                               Mateik, D. Rohit, M. Buonaiuto, N. Louie, M. Craig, K. American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, 2017.  AIAA_Nick Draft mk3 (1)

Preliminary Results from the AFRL-NASA W/-Band Terrestrial Link Experiment in Albuquerque, NM                                                                                                                  Zemba, M. Nessel, J. Houts, J. Tarasenko, N. Lane, S. Murrel, D. n/j,  2017  Preliminary Results from WTLE – IEEE AP 2016 – Zemba

Satellite Identification Imaging for Small Satellite Using NVIDIA                                          Buonaiuto, N. Kief, C. Louie, M. Aarestad, J. Zufelt, B. Mital, R. Mateik, D. Sivilli, R. Bhopale, A. Small Satellite Conference, 2017SmallSat Satellite Imaging

Emergent Trends for CubeSat Ground Systems- A University View                                        Buonaiuto, N. Kief, C. Louie, M. Aarestad, J. Zufelt, B. Mital, R. Monical, R. Sivilli, R. Bhopale, A. Conference on Small Satellites, 2017SSC17-P2-27 v4

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