Publications 2004

While most of the publications listed here are from COSMIAC, some have been hosted here at the request of our Air Force Sponsors.

Silicon-etched re-configurable self-similar antenna with RF-MEMS switches
Anagnostou, D.E.., Zheng, G., Feldner, L., Chryssomallis, M.T.., Lyke, J.C.., Papapolymerou, J. & Christodoulou, C.G..
Vol. 2Antennas and Propagation Society International Symposium, 2004. IEEE, pp. 1804-1807 Vol.2

The UNM FPGA prototype project shows how the Xilinx University Program helps students learn about programmable logic
Kief, C., Pollard, H., Pattichis, M., Vera, A. & Parra, J.
Xcell Journal Vol. 0, pp. 2

Educational Uses of FPGAs
Pattichis, M., Pollard, H., Parra, J., Vera, A., Kief, C. & Bouldin, D.
IEEE Circuits and Devices Magazine Vol. 0, pp. 4-5

Control design for diagnostic and prognostic of hardware systems
Wang, Y., Benito, F., Vera, G.A.. & Jamshidi, M.
Vol. 1Fuzzy Systems, 2004. Proceedings. 2004 IEEE International Conference on, pp. 457-462 vol.1
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Plug-and-Play: An Enabling Capability for Responsive Space Missions
Thomas Morphopoulos, L. Jane Hansen, Jon Pollack Jim Lyke, and Scott Cannon
Presented at the AIAA 2nd Responsive Space Conference, 2004

Responsive Space Through Adaptive Avionics
Lanza, D.; Lyke, J. ; Zetocha, P.; Fronterhouse, D.; Melanson, D.
Presented at AIAA 2nd Responsive Space Conference, 2004